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Information Technology


The Argentine government has identified software as one of the priority development areas. Read more


Australian employers are experiencing the highest demand for IT professionals above all other professions. Read more


Mechatronics, a blend of electronics, IT and machine construction, has become one of Austria’s key areas. Read more


Belgium is an IT hub and has created many innovative products adopted around the world. Read more


Brazil is one of the world’s top markets for social media and mobile applications. Read more


Experts have identified an emerging IT skills gap in Canada, and a shortage of ICT professionals. Read more


Chile's telecommunications industry is undergoing rapid change and modernization. Read more


IT managers, e-commerce managers and data center managers are highly sought after in the Internet industry. Read more


Software developers in Denmark specialize in acoustics software and security and encryption. Read more


Finland has long been ahead of the curve with its early adoption and development of mobile technologies. Read more


Social networking in France this has created an ecosystem for IT workers. Read more


Germany has numerous IT clusters. Berlin, in particular, is a European tech hub. Read more

Hong Kong

There is significant demand for technology staff in Hong Kong as companies invest in upgrading and expanding their IT infrastructure. Read more


India's Information Technology industry is the most vibrant sector of the Indian economy and offers numerous employment opportunities. Read more


Nine of the top ten global ICT companies have a presence in Ireland. Read more


Italy's information and communication technology market is the fourth-largest in Europe, with a particularly strong mobile phone market. Read more


Japan is a global e-commerce leader and will likely grow more than 7 percent per year for the next five years. Read more


The IT industry grew by 11 percent last year, the highest rate of growth of all sectors. Read more


Despite the ongoing Eurozone crisis, companies continue to recruit for IT positions in The Netherlands. Read more


Norwegians are "among the most wired people on the planet," with IT providing an edge in the world economy. Read more


Approximately 91 percent of large Peruvian companies are investing in cyber-security, driving the demand for IT experts. Read more


The Russian government is introducing measures to increase IT professionals’ wages and provide 20,000 IT jobs. Read more


Singapore’s IT market is expected to increase, boosted by strong growth in the PC market and government investment in information technology. Read more

South Africa

International IT and electronics firms operating in South Africa include IBM, Microsoft, Intel and Dell. Read more

South Korea

IT has become a mainstay of Korea’s export-driven economy, with growth being driven increasingly by the mobile sector. Read more


Spain is a leader in implementing IT technologies in the public sector, especially in education and health. Read more


Many international technology companies also have a presence in Sweden, including IT giants Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung. Read more


Switzerland is a favorite country for IT companies to settle thanks to its highly educated and qualified workforce. Read more


The UK is one of the most wired countries in the world. Read more


Business IT spending is expected to reach 19.2 billion AED by 2019, an annual increase of 3.6 percent. Read more


Approximately 2.2 million workers are employed in IT services, up by more than 105,000 jobs over a year’s time. Read more
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