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Employment Trends


Argentina benefits from an educated workforce, globally competitive agricultural sector and varied industrial base. Read more


The country’s strong economy ranks 19th globally, and modest growth is expected. Read more


Austria’s economy has a large services sector, accounting for 71 percent of GDP. Read more


Brussels’ workers have a high level of education and are multilingual. Read more


The economy of Brazil outweighs that of all other South American countries and is now ranked eighth in the world. Read more


Canada’s workforce has been shifting to performing highly skilled work in recent decades, a trend that is expected to continue. Read more


Chile is one of South America's most stable nations and has one of the region's most prosperous and fastest-growing economies. Read more


China has a large economy and leads the world in exports. Read more

Costa Rica

More than 20 percent of Fortune 100 companies operate in Costa Rica. Read more


Denmark is experiencing a shortage of qualified workers in the fields of IT, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and engineering. Read more


Finland has transformed its economy in a matter of decades to become one of the richest countries and most stable societies in the world. Read more


France is the eurozone’s second-largest economy and home to many large companies. Read more


Automotive, engineering, energy and financial services drive Germany’s economy. Read more

Hong Kong

Although employers in all sectors plan to increase their staffs, the most optimistic hiring intentions are in Honk Kong’s services sector. Read more


Employers in services, manufacturing, IT and banking, and the mining and construction sectors all anticipate a stronger hiring pace this year. Read more


Ireland is poised to be Europe’s fastest-growing economy in the coming year. Read more


The country has been strongly affected by the Great Recession, and it is still struggling in its slow recovery. Read more


Japan’s industrialized, free market economy is the world’s third largest. Read more


Recent government reforms are seen as contributing to a bright economic future. Read more


About 50,000 foreign workers are employed in the Netherlands by international organizations. Read more


Nicaragua has experienced sustained growth and an increase in foreign investment in recent years. Read more


Norway’s jobless rate is quite low when compared to other European countries. Read more


English speakers who also speak Spanish are in demand as translators and interpreters in call centers. Read more


The country’s economy has been one of the fastest growing in Latin America over the past decade. Read more


Singapore boasts a large talent pool with many skilled workers and a literacy rate that is more than 96 percent. Read more

South Africa

South Africa's greatest challenge continues to be its high unemployment rate. Read more

South Korea

South Korea has achieved a remarkably high level of economic growth and prosperity under an increasingly democratic form of government. Read more


After years of constant recession, Spain’s economy is now on a gradual growing trend. Read more


Compared to the rest of Europe, Sweden’s economy is relatively healthy. Read more


A stable country, Switzerland typically enjoys low inflation and a low unemployment rate. Read more


The UK’s recent decision to withdraw from the European Union (EU) has left political, economic and financial uncertainty in its wake. Read more


The UAE has long been the commercial and business hub of the Middle East. The IMF expects its GDP to grow 3 percent this year. Read more


The industries currently driving economic growth are energy, information technology and financial services. Read more
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