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Job Resources


In Argentina, a first good step in a career search is to apply for a job through search firms and online job sites. Read more


With the extremely high level of Internet usage in Australia, the Internet is now arguably the best place to access employment information. Read more


There are several ways to find a job in Austria, including online job boards and company websites, as well as more traditional forms of job searching. Read more


Thanks to the European Commission, NATO and the large number of multinational companies located here, Belgium offers many interesting employment possibilities. Read more


One of the best ways to find jobs in Brazil is through referrals and personal leads. Read more


The variety of online job resources available in Canada is enormous, however online job searches should be supplemented with more traditional methods. Read more


In Chile, personal connections (pitutos) are everything when seeking a job. Read more


Obtaining employment in China requires marketable skills, personal contacts, a strong command of a Chinese language (usually Mandarin) and a bit of luck. Read more

Costa Rica

Internships are difficult to come by in Costa Rica. Utilize company websites to locate open positions. Read more


While it is not impossible to find a job in Denmark, it is very difficult and takes a great deal of time. Read more


Networking and personal contacts have become increasingly important for finding a job in Finland. Read more


There are several resources that can help an expatriate secure a position in France. Read more


Searching online job sites is the most efficient and comprehensive way to begin a job search in Germany from abroad. Read more


Quite a lot of jobs are published online in Guatemala, but newspapers should also be reviewed. Read more

Hong Kong

The most effective ways to find jobs in Hong Kong are through the use of online resources, local newspaper classifieds and job/field-related trade magazines. Read more


The Internet is increasingly being used as a recruiting tool in India. Most websites are in English and many offer ancillary services to users. Read more


While national and local newspapers are still commonly used to advertise vacancies, the Internet is now arguably the best place to access advertised positions. Read more


Italy's job market offers opportunities in several growing sectors and liberalization of labor laws has made employment more flexible. Read more


Obtaining employment in Japan requires both clearly stated, marketable skills directly related to the job being sought and personal introductions. Read more


In Mexico, the main way to find a job is through business networks and contacts but the Internet is also very useful. Read more


Most employment websites permit jobseekers to add their resume/CV to an online database for perusal by potential employers. Read more


Online tools and job fairs are not very common in Nicaragua. Personal contacts are still essential. Read more


With the shortage of experts in different fields of business, many firms have relied on online websites to recruit workers. Read more


In Panama, you’ll find a wide variety of ways, both formal and informal, to seek and identify job opportunities. Read more


Newspaper classifieds and employer websites are the best places to find job openings, since online job sites have only recently become popular. Read more


The internet in Russia is playing an increasingly significant role for both employers and job seekers. Read more


There are a number of ways to search for jobs in Singapore, including networking, headhunters, job advertisements, the Internet and professional associations. Read more

South Africa

South Africa continues to experience a shortage of specific skills and welcomes expatriate workers. Read more

South Korea

Personal contacts are important, as are other methods of finding jobs in South Korea, such as recruiters and governmental employment agencies. Read more


The Internet is a valuable resource for foreigners who wish to find jobs before relocating. Read more


In Sweden employers are shifting from newspaper advertising to using the Internet. Read more


Recruitment agencies and Internet-based sources are the most widespread ways of looking for a job in Switzerland. Read more


In the United Kingdom, begin a job search by contacting recruitment agencies and responding to newspaper advertisements. Read more


There are hundreds of candidates applying for job vacancies in the UAE so competition is intense. Read more


Many websites post job announcements from employers and recruiters; these are increasingly effective places to find job leads. Read more
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