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General Business, Management and Marketing


The creative industries (architecture, multimedia, design, film, music, advertising and public relations) are significant contributors to the Austrian economy. Read more


China’s booming e-commerce sector is the largest in the world. Read more


The French business climate is uncertain but slowly regaining confidence. Read more


Most workers are employed by small-to-medium companies, where prospects are good. Read more

Hong Kong

Hiring is increasing in marketing and communications, but tri-lingual skill in Mandarin, Cantonese and English is important. Read more


Expansion of business in India and e-commerce are driving demand for MBAs. Read more


Confidence has been increasing throughout the business services industry across most of Italy. Read more


Some of the world's largest companies are headquartered or have major business operations in The Netherlands. Read more


Norway is known worldwide for the quality and innovation of the design of products produced. Read more


Sales and business development managers are in high demand across industries in Singapore. Read more

South Africa

The business community is dominated by large corporations, while small and medium-sized businesses are underrepresented. Read more

South Korea

Competitive markets like South Korea's now require more people with marketing and sales expertise in companies ranging from the largest to the smallest. Read more


Marketing is among the areas expected to offer the best job opportunities this year, particularly in mobile technologies. Read more


Professionals in the sales and marketing fields are widespread and play important roles in the business of almost all Swiss companies. Read more


London is home to 40 percent of the European headquarters of the world’s top companies. Read more
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