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Work Permits/Visas


Argentina has visa waiver agreements with many countries and has no quotas or limits on foreign workers, so long as the immigration requirements are met. Read more


The variety of visa types and subclasses makes it especially important to define one's activities or work in Australia to apply for the correct subclass. Read more


As Austria is a member of the Schengen Agreement, visitors from other Schengen countries planning to stay in Austria for fewer than 90 days do not need to apply for a visa or entry permit. Read more


As a member country of the Schengen Agreement, Belgium's visa application process, particularly for short visits (those less than three months), is straightforward. Read more


Brazil has a large number of diplomatic missions worldwide. However, visa processing times can be lengthy in some instances. Read more


Canada immigration control rules enable a wide variety of visitors to enter Canada for short visits, academic study or employment. Read more


A Student Resident Visa is granted to foreign-born citizens who travel to Chile with the purpose of carrying out studies, generally for a maximum of a year. Read more


The visa system is highly regimented, very detailed in its guidance, and requires time and patience to complete the application processes. Read more


Denmark's visa application process is straightforward. Denmark issues Schengen visas, which are valid in many EU countries. Read more


Finland is a member of the Schengen Agreement, which means that visitors planning to stay in country for fewer than 90 days do not need to apply for a visa or entry permit. Read more


All visas must be issued in the applicant's country of residence and cannot be renewed or changed after arrival in France. Read more


Germany is a member of the 15-nation Schengen region, which allows travelers to receive one visa for travel to all member countries. Read more

Hong Kong

Visa applications can be made in person at a Chinese embassy or consulate, as well as by mail with the Hong Kong SAR Immigration Department. Read more


Applying for visas and work permits to study, work or travel in India is not complicated but requires adequate supporting documentation to have the application processed efficiently. Read more


EU and EEA-member citizens can visit, study and work in Ireland with little difficulty. Ireland also waives visa requirements for citizens of numerous countries. Read more


Like many other European Union countries; Italy is a signatory to the Schengen Agreement. As such, visitors will not require a visa for stays in Italy fewer than 90 days. Read more


Visas are issued by the Japanese embassy or consulate in the applicant’s country of residence. Read more


Mexico has visa waiver agreements with many European, North American and South American countries for tourist visas. Read more


Because demand for Dutch residence, especially residence for the purpose of employment, far outstrips supply, a large number of qualified applicants will be turned away. Read more


As a member country of the Schengen Agreement, Norway's visa application process, particularly for short visits, is easy and uncomplicated. Read more


The visa process is generally straightforward but be sure to begin the visa application process in advance of the anticipated travel dates. Read more


Depending on the type of visa requested, a letter of invitation or tourist voucher is required. Read more


Singapore has several broad categories of visas for individuals wishing to study, work or visit. Read more

South Africa

For those wishing to work in South Africa or stay more than 90 days, there are a number of different permit types from which to choose. Read more

South Korea

South Korea has various application procedures depending on the length and purpose of your visit. Read more


The type of visa or work permit required to visit, study or work in Spain depends largely upon both the applicant's citizenship and his or her desired length of stay. Read more


Sweden issues Schengen visas, which makes travelling between its European member countries much easier. Read more


Switzerland has entered into agreements with the European Union concerning immigration and employment even though it is not a member. Read more


Traveling to the United Kingdom generally requires a visa and may involve extensive documentation to meet the application requirements. Read more


Over the last few decades the UAE has begun and promoted an opening of its national borders to tourism, business and diplomacy. Read more


The United States issues a confusing range of visas which are broadly divided into immigrant (permanent resident) and non-immigrant (temporary resident) visas. Read more
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