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Interviewing Advice


It is common for people to be late in Argentina, however the interviewee should always arrive on time. Read more


Job interviewing in Australia is generally informal and has few guidelines. Despite this appearance of informality, jobseekers should always be professional. Read more


When preparing for an interview, it is essential to dress appropriately. Read more


Belgians are modest by nature and dislike what may be seen as bragging, jobseekers must be careful with how they present their talents. Read more


Interviews can take quite a long time, up to two hours in some cases, so it is important to keep a reasonably free schedule on an interview day. Read more


In Canada, you should expect to go through at least two interviews before being offered a job. Read more


Appearances are important to Chileans so a candidate should make the effort to be well dressed and well groomed. Read more


The best way to prepare oneself for an interview in China is to learn as much about the employer as possible. Read more

Costa Rica

Interviews are granted in Costa Rica only after good personal marketing through resumes and networking. Read more


When meeting others in the company, it is important to pay close attention to their names and what they have to say. Read more


Being prompt is a must. Whether for an interview or making a promised contact by telephone or email, it is important to be on time. Read more


During the job interview process, a candidate should not be surprised to be asked very personal questions, which in some countries would be considered discriminatory and illegal. Read more


Although business can be conducted in English, most companies will prefer that applicants speak at least some German. Read more


Formal interviews are the norm, but occassionally they are done by Skype or video conference. Read more

Hong Kong

Personal relationships in Hong Kong are very important. Therefore, it is helpful for a reliable third party to make a business connection and provide information on behalf of the candidate in advance. Read more


Dress conservatively and allow extra time to get to an interview: traffic jams, poor directions and the unexpected occur with greater frequency in India than in many other places. Read more


While Ireland has two official languages, apart from those where Irish is a requirement; job interviews are usually conducted in English. Read more


It is helpful for the foreign jobseeker to search out a strong contact who can introduce him/her into the working and business environment of interest. Read more


The purpose of interviews held by Japanese companies is not only to determine whether a candidate is qualified for a particular position, but also to determine if the applicant will fit into the company. Read more


First impressions and appearance are crucial in Mexican culture and never more so than in job interviews. Read more


The initial interview with a company usually will be the first of several. Read more


Although, like other Latin American countries, people may not normally be punctual, it is important to be on time for an interview. Read more


Applicants should be punctual and should bring copies of diplomas. Read more


Although Panama shares a lack of punctuality with other Latin American countries, an interviewee should always be on time. Read more


A candidate should know about the company, its mission and business activities. Read more


Usually the job interview is conducted in Russian, and it is highly advantageous if the foreigner speaks Russian. Read more


Punctuality and conservative dress will help make a good impression. Read more

South Africa

In South Africa, punctuality is very important. Applicants should arrive five to 10 minutes before the interview. Being late creates a negative impression. Read more

South Korea

Politeness and respect are extremely important in an interview in Korea. Read more


Interviews vary significantly from small local family businesses to international/global companies. Read more


Swedish employers analyze everything about an applicant, from skills and education to personality and social graces. Read more


The Swiss are very punctual for both business and social occasions and they expect the same from others. Read more


Interviewees should be on time and be dressed appropriately. Both men and women generally wear business suits in darker colors. Read more


Because Dubai and Abu Dhabi look so modern, it is easy for newcomers to assume they understand the culture and the context. Read more


US recruiters and hiring managers expect candidates to demonstrate an understanding of the employer, its competitors and its customers. Read more
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