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Cover letters should be used to make a first impression in the initial stages of a recruiting or networking process. Read more


Applying for a job in Australia has changed dramatically over the past few years, thanks to mass electronic résumé/CV distribution services, online recruitment databases and opportunities to email job applications. Read more


Due to stringent work permit restrictions, it is recommended that you mention if you possess an Austrian work permit or are an EU citizen. Read more


In Belgium, a résumé/CV (curriculum vitae) is usually two pages in length, but it may extend to a maximum of three pages, depending on the jobseeker's years of experience. Read more


Cover letters are important but should be kept brief. Both a one-page resume and a longer comprehensive CV are useful. Read more


The words resume, CV and curriculum vitae are used interchangeably in Canada. Read more


In Chile, submitting a cover letter (carta de presentación) is optional. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended. Read more


With the business environment in a continuing state of flux, there are no rigid rules for the submission of a résumé/CV (curriculum vitae). Read more

Costa Rica

Cover letter use has declined in Costa Rica. The most common resume is one page long. Read more


Job applications should be submitted in a timely fashion, preferably early in the announced period during which applications are being accepted. Read more


In Finland, the cover letter should interpret the CV and add a personal touch; it should complement, not duplicate, the CV. Read more


When writing to a prospective employer in France, it is important not to send an exhaustive résumé/CV. Read more


Written applications usually consist of a cover letter, a CV with a photograph, and copies of written references, certificates and proof of work experience. Read more


Electronic submissions are becoming more common in Guatemala, but should still be customized to respond to the particular job opening. Read more

Hong Kong

Depending on the position or company for which the candidate is applying, either English or Chinese may be used for the résumé/CV. Read more


Resumes in India take all forms and are often very long with a great deal of detailed information. Read more


Many recruiters welcome speculative applications as well as responses to specific advertised vacancies on either their own recruitment pages or those of web-based agencies. Read more


The average résumé/CV in Italy is two pages in length for professionals with more than three or four years of experience. Read more


Any company in Japan that is actively looking to hire a foreigner will happily accept a US-style résumé in simple English. Read more


It is customary for international firms with operations in México to seek out foreign workers. Read more


A cover letter should give the reader an impression of the candidate as an individual, yet the style should be short, direct and professional. Read more


Résumés/CVs (curriculum vitae) can be written in either Norwegian or English. Read more


Resumes should be personalized to match the requirements of the advertised job. Read more


There is no one standard format or layout for a CV in Peru , but it should clearly present skills and experience in a maximum of two pages. Read more


The structure of a resume must be concise and action-oriented. Read more


In Singapore, the terms "CV" and "Resume" are interchangeable. Both terms refer to a full and detailed application history. Read more

South Africa

The Resume/CV for South Africa should be written in English (United Kingdom), as this is the language of business in this job market. Read more

South Korea

Cover letters are not traditionally a requirement by Korean companies, but multi-nationals and foreign companies usually expect one. Read more


Recently, more international companies with offices in Spain have started requesting job candidates to submit their CVs in English as well as Spanish. Read more


A resume/CV for a Swedish company may be written in English since many large and/or international companies use English internally. Read more


When applying to an international company, an English version of the CV (no more than two pages) should be sent. Read more


Typically a Resume/CV designed for the UK market should be two pages long. Read more


In the UAE, cover letters are always used and should be tailored to each company. Read more


In the United States it is relatively rare to see a longer CV-style document except for special fields such as academia or scientific research. Read more
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